2023-2024 MCSSN Senior Solutions
Resource Guide Now Accepting Advertising

Medina County’s population aged 65+ represents 18.5% of the county’s 182,470 population, according to the 2020 census data. To serve our older adults’ needs and interests, the nonprofit organization, Medina County Senior Services Network (MCSSN) has, since 1994, been offering resources, assistance and lifestyle amenities tailored to them.

The MCSSN Senior Solutions Guide, the only and most comprehensive directory of its kind, is published every two years, and 20,000 copies are made available to the county’s senior population via direct-mail, pickup at senior centers/events, and on-demand.

  1. Position your aged-63-and-older-targeted products, goods and services in front of more than 20,000 Medina County and surrounding area seniors. In addition to the 20,000 printed guides, a digital guide on the MCSSN website makes your message available and searchable to an infinite audience.
  2. Get found on the MCSSN website directory alphabetically (by name) and by category (choose up to two).
  3. Expand your social media reach with your posts shared on the MCSSN Facebook page.

The publication has a 24-month shelf life and the next issue is due out in mid-December 2022. Advertising pays for the production, printing and  postage of the guide, as well as grants to support other area nonprofits serving older adults. Past recipients have been Feeding Medina County and the Village of St. Edward in Wadsworth, among others.

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The Guide is a Valued Reference Tool

Family members who do not live in the area use the MCSSN Guide online and and request assistance and copies on behalf of their loved ones. It also serves those who may have just moved into the community. And the site attracts others who just want to help. Here are some of the requests we’ve receive via the website.

When 20/21 version is available.
I’ve moved to KY but mother in law is at *** so really need to stay in the know. If I cannot order online, please advise when is available & I’ll send you a check.

Cathy C

I am the new Senior Outreach Coordinator for *** and would love to have a copy of your resource guide. The available resources for seniors in Medina County is noticed and appreciated! Thank you so much!

Kimberlee S, Outreach Coordinator

I am looking for assistance for my Mom who is 76 and a *** resident. We need help … Even if you could refer us to the right place to get help would be great…Thank You

Maria H

My parents are moving to *** this week from Pennsylvania. I’d like to help get them plugged into senior network for insurance help and other items.

Amy Y

I am a nurse at *** and the office care coordinator. I would like to have a copy of the Senior Solutions Guide to provide our patients with additional resources. Thank you!!

Dorie P

Hi. I am a social worker in Cleveland. I have a client who lives in Medina County. He is 56 and disabled with limited mobility. He is looking for homemaking/home aide services. Thank you.

Cheryl G